Dear Nature Lover

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Dear Nature Lover:

And now for something completely different...
“A Stroll in The Park”; it’s a natural gas!

"A Stroll in The Park", was created for single nature lovers to participate in a healthy and fun activity closer to home. Initially developed with the single woman in mind, we encourage everyone to participate in "A Stroll in The Park". In September 1990 CBC Radio reported that the use of our Public Parks must be increased to maintain the safety factor in these beautiful areas.

While participating in "A Stroll in The Park" group outings, everyone can relax and explore the lovely country walks around Toronto. While indulging in the bright colours of the warm seasons and experiencing the velvet frosts of the cool seasons, one becomes totally immersed in an appreciation for the grandeurs of nature. All this plus miles of fresh air to breathe while wandering through the isolated nature trails.

Christa Kroboth, Founder/Coordinator
Nominated as a Toronto Public Health Champion

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Toronto SUN May 16, 1996,
 Our 20th Year Anniversary Vitality Magazine community news
Hi Rise Community News

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Christa Kroboth, Founder/Coordinator
Nominated as a Toronto Public Health Champion by:
by Dr. Mehrmanesh, Paediatrician,
Keith Dawson, Consultant
Beverley Thomson, Business Owner

That's me Christa Kroboth (The Founder)
Enjoying the spectacular views up on the
viewing Tower in lovely Dorset.
Haliburton Area. Join us for some fun!

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Note : Our telephone number is 416-484-WALK (9255)

Many of us rarely take the time to enjoy the true colours, shapes, textures and fragrances Mother Nature has to offer us. "A Stroll in The Park", is a mini-holiday away from the noise, rush and pollution of the city.

In addition to stimulating our own natural senses, "A Stroll in The Park" attempts to increase a sense of personal health and well being. Statistics Canada lists walking as the nation's favourite recreational activity. Approximately 60 per cent of Canadians go walking for health and fitness. Dr. Martin Roscoe of St. Joseph's Health Centre agrees and believes that, "higher levels of injuries occur in more vigorous sports." He states, many people suffer from, "overuse syndrome", such as tendinitis and bursitis.

Not only is walking physically beneficial, but it is also the "best" form of exercise to release unwanted tension buildup. Even activities such as golf and tennis cannot compare to the benefits of walking. No game has the essential, tension-releasing pattern of continuous, vital, rhythmic motion. Walking truly is the best antidote for our stressful lives.

In "A Stroll in The Park" you can relax and leave your daily stress behind. Everyone can get in touch with themselves in a natural way by observing and absorbing the beautiful surroundings of nature. It is easy to feel comfortable and completely free. This down-to-earth quality tends to naturally attract others.

"A Stroll in The Park" is for single nature lovers. It's an inexpensive and healthy alternative to bars, working out in the gym or sitting around getting bored.

The absolutely natural, serene setting of "A Stroll in The Park" is the perfect environment for people to relax and become acquainted. Each outing will bring new faces and each season challenges us to a new and exhilarating adventure! So come on out and try something different! Hope to see you there!


Christa Kroboth

Founder / Coordinator - 1990


By popular demand "A Stroll in The Park" is now also offering Special Events which include Holiday,Weekend & Day Trips! AND NEW RSVP TOKEN EVENTS!!!

* 99% of our participants are Single, but Couples are welcome to join in the Fun!
*Visitors to the GTA and Groups are also welcome!

School, Company, Special Interest or needs, walks by request.

Thank you Citizens of Toronto and everyone else for your support over the last 18 years!

What to WEAR

All proceeds from our fun events help support our fun walking group
started in 1990 for safety in numbers.

A Stroll in The Park is Good exercise for the Heart.

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